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Exide Batteries

Exide, a global leader in batteries, stands for latest battery technology and highest quality 'Made in Europe' - both for the aftermarket and for the OEMs.

Napa Batteries

With applications for both light and commercial vehicles, the NAPA Vehicle Battery range covers 98.98% of the UK car parc. All NAPA Batteries are built for like-to-like replacement on the same production lines responsible for making OEM batteries. Enhanced with cutting edge technology for optimal product quality, our batteries come charged to the brim with NAPA Know How.

Varta Batteries

Whether you’re a first-time car owner looking for the best in standard batteries, or you’re looking for a safe, long-lasting battery for your family vehicle, or you just want the most premium power possible, one of our VARTA® batteries for passenger cars will meet your needs.
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