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Brake Pads

Apec brake pads are precision-made using the latest generation of friction materials and supported by comprehensive product testing. Each pad is then further enhanced with Stop Ready Coating that reduces the bedding-in process and boosts stopping power. With every installation, Apec Pads meet or exceed OE specifications to ensure that performance always takes precedence.

Brake Discs

Apec brake discs are designed to meet the highest standards imaginable: those set by Apec's own range of brake pads. Each disc is precision tailored to match the consistency and braking characteristics found in Apec Pads to promise collaborative quality that exceeds OE performance. For an installation that pushes your braking system to its full potential, pairing Apec Discs with Apec Pads is the only answer – full stop.

Brake Shoes & Drums

Manufactured with extreme precision to ensure quality that perseveres, Apec Drums and Shoes are a combination offering for fulfilling your core braking needs. Made up of cutting-edge marials that resist cracks and deformation, Apec Drums are tailored to be fitted alongside Apec Shoes for an installation that optimises performance to create an OE quality braking experience that feels brand new.
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